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JOIN Battle of the Books

Please fill out the following google form.

Each team member MUST fill out a google form and have a parent check the box that it is approved for the student to participate. FORMS ARE DUE JAN. 25 at 3 PM. No late forms can be acceped and I must have a form from each team member for books to be ordered.

  • Gather 3-5 students (no more, no less) from the same grade level and form a team. If a team of 5, each student can be responsible for 1 book. If there are less team members, some will need to read 2 books

  • Create a team name

  • Must have a Coach who is a staff member at Aux Sable
  • Please see Mrs. Murr for questions

Please join our optional Media Center Google Classroom!

The code is ahyqatk

Here, you will find tons of free activities including online reading material, virtual field trips, internet games and reading challenges.

General MC Info:

The Media Center is here to help students check in and out materials, type and print projects, and complete research or overdue homework/tests.  Students are able to visit the Media Center before or after school from 7:40 am to 3:10 pm as well as during the school day. Most Language Arts teachers have scheduled regular visitation times so that students are regularly able to check out and in materials.  Parents are always welcome to visit the Media Center; and we welcome parent volunteers to help out at book fairs, Battle of the Books and more!

We will have two book fairs this year: one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The Fall book fair will be held to run in conjunction with parent-teacher conference week and will be open throughout all the conference times, so please feel free to visit and look around!  Profits from both book fairs are immediately returned to the school in the form of additional new books for students to enjoy!  

We look forward to helping our students find amazing books in our Media Center!

Stephanie Murr
Media Center Specialist
Aux Sable Middle School

Shannon Morris
Media Clerk
Aux Sable Middle School


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