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Christian Rivara Principal Main Office
Elizabeth Simonic Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Instruction Main Office
Aaron Osborne Assistant Principal, Student Services Main Office
Alfonso Lopez Dean of Students Main Office
Sylvia Crabb Secretary to the Principal Main Office
Lupe Diaz Secretary to the Assistant Principal Main Office
Cristi Miller Office Clerk Main Office
Julie Rojo Certified school Nurse Health Office
Sarah Bromer Building Nurse Health Office
Sherri Chojnacki Health Assistant Health Office
Roman Africa 6th Grade Math & Honors Math  
Karen Alsbury 7th Grade Math  
Candace Blattner 8th Grade REI/Instructional Science  
Megan Brosman 8th Grade Language Arts  
Lisa Bryjak 8th Grade Math, Algebra I & Algebra I Honors  
Emma Constantine 6th Grade Science  
Amanda Doran 8th Grade REI/Instructional - Math & REI Social Studies  
Kara Hooper 8th Grade Science  
Jason Hrechko 8th Grade Social Studies  
Lauren Hubrich 6th Grade Social Studies  
Jack Keating 6th Grade Social Studies  
Abby Kieffer 8th Grade Language Arts & Math  
Dan Madigan 8th Grade Social Studies  
Candace Marks 6th & 7th Grade REI/Instructional - Language Arts  
Virginia Niewoehner 6th Grade Language Arts & Honors Language Arts  
Carrie Offerman 8th Grade EL Language Arts  
Julie Petigo 7th Grade Social Studies  
Stephanie Pohlman 8th Grade REI/Instructional - Language Arts & Social Studies  
Traci Post 7th Grade Science  
Danielle Quealy 6th Grade Science  
Doug Reidy 6th & 8th Grade REI/Instructional - Language Arts & Math  
Raechel Reidy 7th Grade Social Studies  
Laura Robertson 7th & 8th Grade REI/Instructional - Math & Social Studies  
Brennan Rooney 8th Grade Math  
Kimberly Rooney 7th Grade Math & Honors Math  
Jennifer Rossi 8th Grade Language Arts & Honors Language Arts  
Emily Rousonelos 8th Grade Science  
Emily Schaschwary 7th Grade Language Arts & Honors Language Arts  
Eric Schmitt 8th Grade Science & Social Studies  
Eva Schutter 6th Grade EL Language Arts  
Jackie Seeman 6th Grade Math & Honors Math  
Zachary Splitt 7th Grade REI/Instructional - Science & Social Studies  
Peggy Staszak 6th Grade Language Arts & Honors Language Arts  
Zack Trapp 6th Grade REI/Instructional Language Arts & Science  
Nicolette Uresti 7th Grade EL Language Arts  
Andrew Van Marm 6th & 8th Grade REI/Instructional Science & Social Studies  
Briana Waughop 7th Grade Science  
Jenifer Williamson 7th Grade Language Arts & Honors Language Arts  
Todd Crackel PE/Health Teacher  
Stephanie Lopez PE/Health Teacher  
Hannah Meinert PE/Health Teacher  
Jenni Molinaro PE/Health Teacher  
John Thompsen PE/Health Teacher  
Christopher Van Dyke PE/Health Teacher & Athletic Director  
Joanne Anderson FACS - Family & Consumer Science  
Josie Beckmann Choir Director  
Karen Bedore Band Director/7th Grade Public Speaking/8th Grade Communications  
Eric Capshaw STEAM   
Nicole Frey Art  
Cristy Hebreard 7th & 8th Grade Spanish  
Dan Madigan 7th & 8th Grade Journalism  
Ginger Moell Music   
Jennifer Rossi 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Journalism  
Melissa Carlson Reading Specialist  
Laura Chaplin Title I Math  
Cindy Korso Social Worker  
Natalie Loden Speech Pathologist  
Samantha Lopez Social Worker - 8th Grade  
Jennifer Moore Reading Specialist  
Cheyanne Murphy Social Worker - 6th Grade  
Stephanie Murr Learning Resource Director/Media Specialist  
Rebecca Pettey Social Worker - 7th Grade  
Maria Smetana Title I Reading  
Jennifer Vanasse Psychologist  
Becky Young Learning Specialist  
Machi Young Title I Math  
Jamie Adlaf SE Paraprofessional  
Maria Imburgia SE Paraprofessional/ASDA Supervisor  
Cathy McCarthy SE Paraprofessional  
Shannon Morris Media Clerk  
Patrice O'Neill SE Paraprofessional  
Alyssa Post SE Paraprofessional  
Leslie Woods SE Paraprofessional  
Christy Cory Lunchroom Supervisor  
Christen Disbrow Lunchroom Supervisor  
Christina Ehrlinger Lunchroom Supervisor  
Vicki Perez Lunchroom Supervisor  
Angela Roman Lunchroom Supervisor  

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