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6th Grade Science

6th Grade Science

Welcome to Mr. Africa's 6th Grade Science class site!

In District 202, our science curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards. For more information, please visit the following link for Frequently Asked Questions about NGSS.

Students in 6th Grade Science will study the following topics:

  • 8 Practices of Science
  • Outcome A - Forces and Interactions
  • Outcome B - Electromagnetism
  • Outcome C - Newton’s Three Laws
  • Outcome D - Energy
  • Outcome E - Energy Transfers
  • Outcome F - Waves
  • Outcome G - Structure and Properties of Matter
  • Outcome H - Chemical Reactions

The students will be issued Holt Science & Technology text books for use in class and at home. Unfortunately, we no longer have online access to these text books.

Feel free to check out the other pages and links for more information!